International Centre for Expertise announces new Standing Committee Chair

  • 20 May 2014
ICC Experts

On 1 May 2014, James Nicholson, Senior Managing Director in the Paris office of business advisory firm FTI Consulting and a member of the firm’s international arbitration practice, took over as the new Chair of the Standing Committee of the ICC International Centre for Expertise.

Upon his appointment, Mr Nicholson said: “It is a great honour to be offered the Chair of the Standing Committee of the ICC’s International Centre for Expertise. I am excited to work with my fellow, highly accomplished members of the Standing Committee to help the Centre develop its core activities worldwide and across industry sectors.”

Expert advice in settling business disputes is in demand more than ever with the advance of technology and the global economy. The ICC International Centre for Expertise proposes or appoints experts from a limitless range of sectors. The possibilities of expertise are endless. Companies might call upon the Centre when seeking an expert who will support them in their negotiations. Similarly, parties, arbitral tribunals or state courts might request suitable experts in relation to the resolution of a pending commercial dispute. The Centre can also administer independent expert proceedings, in which an expert issues a report on any subject relevant to business transactions. Since 2013, the Centre has also administered dispute resolution proceedings in relation to disputes arising from applications for new generic top-level domain names.

In 2013, the Centre’s services were used by parties of over 30 nationalities.

Mr Nicholson has testified before International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and International Chamber of Commerce tribunals on behalf of claimants and respondents across a wide range of industries and issues. His work primarily involves issues of the identification and valuation of lost profits, and the valuation of businesses, financial assets including shareholdings, and other assets, and of wasted costs. He has acted as expert or been closely involved in matters involving the governments of Algeria, Congo, Egypt, Georgia, Hungary, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Pakistan, the UK and the US, and has worked on commercial matters involving parties based throughout EMEA, Central Asia, and the Americas.

“Having been a member of the Standing Committee since 2011, James Nicholson has already demonstrated his commitment to the work of ICC in the field of expertise. We have every confidence that our activities will benefit from his leadership,” said Hannah Tuempel, Senior Counsel and Manager of the ICC Centre for ADR, in charge of the ICC International Centre for Expertise.

Founded more than 25 years ago, the ICC International Centre for Expertise has built up unique access to experts in every conceivable subject relevant to business operations. It casts its net wide to find the expert most likely to propose the best solution.

Mr Nicholson has been listed since 2010 by the International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration as one of the leading experts active in commercial arbitration, worldwide and across all areas of expertise. He is described as “outstanding” and “highly proficient”.

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