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Incoterms® and Commercial Contracts: 3 things to know about ICC’s newest Digital Library channel

  • 14 June 2018

With channels on dispute resolution and trade finance already well established, today our Digital Library unveils its much-anticipated Incoterms® rules and commercial contracts channel. From handbooks on ICC’s internationally-recognised commercial trade terms to our complete range of fully modifiable model contracts, you’ll have everything you need, in one easy-access location, to help propel your business practices forward.

Here are three benefits of using the channel.

1. Access wherever you need it, at the time you need it most

To compete in today’s digital age, when we need information, we need it now. When there’s no time to flip through paper-bound books, the Digital Library will help you find facts and figures in no time at all—whether you’re in the office or visiting clients across the globe. If you have WiFi, you’re always connected to ICC’s vast pool of knowledge and expertise.

2. Browse ICCs extensive catalogue of resources in just a few clicks

Thanks to the Digital Library’s powerful search features and advanced filter options, navigating your way through practical commentary; academic intelligence; and the world business organization’s assorted publications on business and trade—such as the freshly updated ICC Guide to Export/Import—has never been quicker or easier. From useful explanations of our globally used Incoterms® rules, to avoid costly misunderstandings, to an array of model contracts and clauses to provide a sound legal basis for your contractual relationships, you’ll have myriad resources at your disposition to drive success.

3. Benefit from a dedicated discussion forum

With a global network spanning the world, we understand the power of people. That’s why we’ve built an Incoterms® Rules and Commercial Contracts focused community forum right inside the platform. So go ahead: start up a conversation, ask a question, share some professional advice to engage and collaborate with your fellow practitioners. You never know where your connections will lead you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover the ICC Digital Library for yourself today at