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ICC, UNDP and IBLF call for nominations for the 2006 World Business Awards in support of the Millennium Development Goals

  • 25 October 2005

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Business Leaders’ Forum (IBLF) are now taking nominations for the World Business Awards in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to honour corporate contributions to local, national or global efforts at ending poverty and hunger and to fostering truly sustainable development.

The 2006 World Business Awards are the first worldwide business awards to recognize the significant role business can and does play in the implementation of the MDGs. Every business entity including associations, confederations and individual businesses of any size and from any country, is eligible for an Award. The World Business Awards will be presented at a ceremony to be held during the 14th meeting of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UN CSD 14) in May 2006. Finalists will receive worldwide recognition for their projects and will be listed on websites and in publications of the three organizations.

The nomination deadline is 31 December, 2005.

The eight MDGs offer an integrated framework for tackling major challenges that afflict individuals, countries and the global community. They set quantitative and measurable targets to be achieved by 2015 for the reduction of poverty, hunger and disease and for tangible improvement in education, healthcare, drinking water, shelter and environmental protection.

Award recipients will be acknowledged for the innovative and productive ways they are advocating for or advancing any one of the eight goals or the goals as a package. The Awards seek particularly to recognize enterprises that partner with other actors to address development challenges, whether through their core activities, philanthropy and/or advocacy.

An International Selection Committee which includes representatives of ICC, UNDP, IBLF and leading non-governmental organizations, business entities and international agencies will review the nominations.