ICC Roundtable on Competition Policy heads to Marrakech for 13th Annual ICN Conference

  • 15 April 2014
ICC Management

ICC’s 6th Roundtable on Competition Policy will take place on 22 April 2014, before the 13th Annual Conference of the International Competition Network (ICN) in Marrakech, bringing together senior officials from competition agencies worldwide and business executives to engage in discussions on a variety of subjects that will shape the competitive landscape across markets.

Organized by the ICC Commission on Competition as a way to interact constructively with the ICN, the roundtable will cover current international antitrust issues that affect competition regimes.

Paul Lugard, Chair, ICC Commission on Competition who will be making an introductory address alongside Mohamed Berrada, Chair, ICC Morocco, said: “Our roundtable theme this year is on competition policy as a driver for economic growth and prosperity. In increasingly open markets, it is essential we continue to identify, develop and prioritise well-functioning policies that increase societal welfare and that can be enforced on a regional, national and international scale.”

Featuring a keynote address by Abdelali Benamour, President, Morocco Competition Council, the roundtable will open with a first panel discussion on how business can foster a constructive dialogue with agencies on key antitrust issues, and how actions taken by the international business community may address these issues.

In support of that theme, ICC announces the revision of its latest position paper, Due Process in EU Antitrust Proceedings, which reviews current due process issues of concern to the international business community. “An effective antitrust enforcement regime must be both tough and fair. It is only through diligent attention to best practices in due process that the European Commission will continue its exceptional success in antitrust enforcement. I look forward to a fruitful discussion on this topic with the international antitrust community,” said Jennifer Patterson, a Kaye Scholer Antitrust Partner, and Co-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Due Process, who will present the position paper’s key findings at the roundtable.

The roundtable will also mark the one-year anniversary of the highly acclaimed ICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit. Anny Tubbs, Co Vice-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Compliance and Advocacy responsible for its publication, will highlight ICC’s accomplishments in terms of compliance advocacy over the past year. A dialogue on what business and agencies could do to further promote best practices in compliance programmes will follow.

Enforcement priorities and challenges to antitrust policies in the African region will be the central theme of the second panel.

Led by Calvin Goldman, the third and final panel will gather key competition experts worldwide to debate how competition policy could enhance economic development and growth.

Confirmed speakers include: Abdelali Benamour, Mohamed Berrada, Amadou Ceesay, Mouhamadou Diawara, Eleanor Fox, Calvin Goldman, Frederic Jenny, George M. Lipimile, Ana Paula Martinez, Paul Lugard, Jennifer Patterson, Eduardo Perez Motta, John Taladay, Anny Tubbs, and Charles Webb.

To register visit ICC Events & Trainings: Non-governmental advisors, business representatives, government officials, academics and anyone interested in an open exchange with leading competition agency officials and private sector experts will benefit from this event

ICC thanks Baker Botts for supporting this event.