ICC Dispute Board Rules highlighted at DRBF 13th Annual International Conference

  • 3 May 2013
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With the support of ICC and organizations like FIDIC, the 13th Annual DRBF International Conference will kick of today in Paris.

On the first day of the conference, Ms. Calliope M. Sudborough, Deputy Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR which administers dispute board proceedings under the ICC Dispute Board Rules, will speak on the ICC International Centre for ADR and the specificities of the ICC Dispute Board Rules.

The conference will also include a keynote speech by Mr. Jean-Mark Kiviatkowski, General Counsel of Bouygues Construction Group and expects the attendance of investment bank and government representatives as well as dispute resolution professionals from around the world.

Yesterday, some participants already attended a workshop on the ICC Dispute Board Rules which focused on the three different types of boards that are found in the ICC Dispute Board Rules. The workshop trainers, used a case study to provide participants with a special insight into the particular the use of Combined Dispute Boards, which are a unique feature of the ICC Rules.

More information on ICC’s Dispute Board Rules and procedures can be found here