ICC Commission on Competition appoints new leadership to carry forward ambitious mandate

  • 19 December 2012

ICC is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Lugard, Partner at Baker Botts, as the new Chair of the ICC Commission on Competition, and Anne Riley, Associate General Counsel at Shell International, as a one of its Vice-Chairs.

Ms Riley will be working in close collaboration with existing Vice-Chair Michael Blechman, Special Counsel at Kaye Scholer.

“I am honoured to be named Chair and welcome Anne to our team. For many decades, the ICC Commission on Competition has had a solid track record in the field of competition and merger control law and policy. The Commission is ideally positioned to further advance the interests of its members in this critical area of the law,” Mr Lugard said.

The ICC Commission on Competition ensures that modern business needs and the realities of global markets are taken into account in the formulation and implementation of competition laws and policies worldwide. To achieve this, the Commission provides a business perspective for discussions on current issues in competition law and merger control law and policy, and provides input to proposals on national and EU competition law reforms in areas such as vertical restraints, technology transfer agreements, merger control, due process, compliance and enforcement of competition law by private parties. The members of the Commission also meet annually with senior representatives of the Directorate General for Competition (DG COMP) of the EU Commission, the US antitrust enforcement agencies and other agencies.

Over the past decade, the ICC Commission on Competition has particularly gained recognition as the voice of the international business community to the International Competition Network (ICN), the main international organization devoted exclusively to competition law enforcement. Each year, on the occasion of the annual conference organized by ICN, the Commission organizes a complementary roundtable on cutting-edge competition issues, facilitating the dialogue among business and senior competition agency officials and providing business expertise and experience in areas of competition policy implementation, due process, innovation policy, unilateral conduct, and antitrust compliance.

The ICC Commission on Competition acts as a reference and source of information for its members and individual companies. It has also been recognized by antitrust agencies as a key partner and business organization. Members include more than 300 experts on competition law – legal advisors from industrial and commercial enterprises, and lawyers in private practice – from 40 countries. The Commission benefits greatly from the expertise of task forces in the following areas:

  • Compliance and Advocacy
  • Due Process
  • International Competition Network
  • Premerger Control Regimes
  • Leniency
  • Technology Licensing
  • Private Enforcement in the EU

For more information on these issues, which are at the centre of the Commission’s mandate in 2013, visit the ICC Commission on Competition.

New officer biographies

Mr Lugard specializes in competition law at Baker Botts in Brussels and has considerable experience in merger control proceedings, exclusionary conduct, distribution arrangements, technology licensing and matters on the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust law. Prior to joining Baker Botts, Mr Lugard acted as Senior Vice President and the Head of Antitrust for Royal Phillips Electronics (2005-2011). He also designed, implemented and managed antitrust compliance programmes for clients in Europe and internationally. In addition, Mr Lugard is an Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law and Economics Center at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He has been an active member and Vice-Chair of the Commission for more than 10 years and until recently held the position of Acting Chair.

Ms Riley is a member of Shell’s Ethics and Compliance Office Leadership Team and leads Shell’s global antitrust team. In addition to her recent nomination as Co Vice-Chair to the ICC Commission on Competition, Ms Riley also chairs the ICC Working Group on Antitrust Compliance Programmes and Advocacy. This task force promotes the importance of compliance programmes as an enforcement tool in antitrust law. In May 2009, Ms Riley was appointed Chair of the ICC UK Committee on Competition, a position she still holds.