ICC calls for G20 to strengthen rules-based trade

  • 7 July 2017
G20 flags

Ahead of the 2017 G20 Leaders Summit in Hamburg, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) issued the following statement.

John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General, said:

“We continue to face the challenge of global growth being too low and benefiting too few. This is the defining economic test of our times—and we urge the G20 leaders to take concerted and coordinated action to drive inclusive growth.

“A retreat into protectionism would be the wrong response to this challenge. The global business community needs to see a strong stance from the G20 on keeping markets open to trade and investment. This isn’t a matter of semantics: it’s about giving business the confidence to invest, to expand internationally and to create new jobs.

“We urge all G20 nations to commit strengthening the rules-based, multilateral trading system and to work towards a successful outcome to the World Trade Organization’s next Ministerial Conference in December. Building on the G20’s recent Digital Economy Ministerial Declaration, this should encompass a clear roadmap to leverage the power of the Internet to democratise trade and support small business growth.”