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ICC adds more features to new website

  • 30 October 2012
ICC Internet governance

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is today launching a fresh version of its new web portal, featuring additions – such as mega menus – that make the site even more enjoyable and easy to visit.

The new ICC web portal was initially unveiled in June 2012, replacing the previous site and bringing ICC’s online presence up to date with the expansion of the world business organization.

Dropdown mega menus added since the June launch have created a seamless visitor experience, providing a clear overview of information available and enabling users to navigate directly to the content they need. Meanwhile the Quick Access menu on the homepage links visitors directly to ICC’s most popular tools, including standard clauses for arbitration, the ICC Rules of Arbitration, economic surveys, piracy reports, model contracts, Incoterms rules, certificates of origin and more. Other updates include new information on publications, events and policies as well as a larger assortment of videos.

“ICC is determined to meet the expectations of today’s savvy web users by continually evolving and improving its website, with new features and content added every day,” said ICC Director of Communications Mary Kelly. “Our goal is to ensure that our thought-provoking and relevant content is easy for both members of the public and the global business community to find.”

The website includes ICC’s latest books, such as the Guide to Export/Import, and the Guide to ICC Arbitration. New features, including sliders, have made it easier for web users to stay informed of upcoming events. For example, visitors can now register online for the 8th World Chambers Congress, taking place in Doha in April 2013, and obtain details on sessions and speakers.

The new website serves as a platform for advancing and showcasing ICC’s business services and policy work, such as the ICC Business World Trade Agenda’s roll out of its draft trade recommendations on 28 September.

ICC, equipped with a website that can incorporate all modern web technologies to support its global mission, has already experienced a steady increase in its monthly website traffic since the new web portal was launched.

Some 20,000 pages of previously existing information have been streamlined and organized into eight gateways that draw the user to ICC’s various activities, such as rules-setting and advocacy for global trade, fighting commercial crime, and resources for international trade including arbitration, mediation, and chamber services.

ICC drew on the help of an external agency and a full-time web consultant for more than a year to rebuild the website, and engaged a team of five people to upload thousands of pages of content over a five-month period. A dedicated web manager was recently hired to help develop and maintain the new site on a day-to-day basis.

The aim is to bring even more possibilities to ICC’s core audience, which includes companies, chambers of commerce, government officials, lawyers, experts and students.

We invite you to give us your feedback and to keep coming back to the site as we continuously improve the new ICC portal.

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