ICC Academy unveils new e-course on digital trade finance and fintechs

  • 20 June 2017
ICC Academy unveils new e-course on digital trade finance and fintechs

The educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, has launched an advanced-level e-course entitled “Digital Trade Finance and Fintechs.” The curriculum is aimed at professionals working in banks, corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies and financial technology (fintech) firms.

The proliferation of fintech start-ups in recent years has given rise to mounting opportunities, as the banking and financial sectors slowly begin to embrace digitalisation. With technological innovations fostering more and more interest, the demand for skilled practitioners has inevitably increased.

Commenting on this new movement, Global Head of Trade at Citi John Ahearn said: “As the further evolution of smarter working capital and liquidity management continues to evolve into a more digital environment, we are happy to see the industry taking focus.  Education and training are critical steps toward helping develop credible and informed market participants.”

Taken independently or as an elective of the Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) certification, the Digital Trade Finance and Fintechs e-course provides an overview of the digital trade finance and commerce landscapes, the legal and regulatory challenges involved, as well as the broad range trends and solutions that are available to support global trade.

Course author Anand Pande, who is also the founder of The Growth Paradigm Partnership, said: “Professionals can gain a good understanding of the main constructs, key developments and major players shaping the world of digital trade, supply chain finance and fintech. As digital trade and fintech volumes are presently quite low, the course will also provide insights on commercialisation and scalability.”

Comprising eight modules, the e-course follows a translation flow and highlights realistic features relating to digital trade and fintech ecosystems, bank payment obligation, digitisation of the financial supply chain and other emerging technologies. To help ICC Academy members put theory into practice, the course includes real-world examples, including detailed case studies.

Speaking highly of the e-course subjects, Partner of Trade and Commodities at Simmons & Simmons Jolyon Ellwood-Russell said: “Trade and trade finance often have a misconceived image of lagging behind today’s technological applications. It is typically associated with reams of paper and out of date inefficient processes. The ICC Academy’s “Digital Trade Finance and Fintechs” e-course includes content that helps dispel this myth. The course sets out clearly the structures and use of digital means for trade finance and provides an insightful look into the future of fintech in trade.”

To learn more about the ICC Academy and its e-course catalogue, please visit icc.academy.