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ICC Academy teaches global trade finance essentials with 7 new e-courses

  • 3 March 2016
ICC Training

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy has launched seven new e-courses for its members.

They range in topics from capital and pricing to distributor finance and each provides professionals, worldwide, with a fundamental and practical understanding of trade finance basics.

Delivered via a dynamic digital platform and designed by industry experts, ICC Academy e-courses meet the growing need of banking and finance practitioners for industry-relevant training. The flexibility and convenience of online courses will mean participants can select courses individually or as part of a tailored package in preparation for the Global Trade Certificate (GTC).

Recognized internationally by financial institutions, corporations, governments and regulators, the GTC has been designed to enhance expertise in the area of trade finance and supports professional progression within both the financial and corporate sectors.

Here is a brief look at each of the seven e-courses:

Introduction to Trade Finance

What risks do companies face when trading and what instruments are available to mitigate them? Participants can learn the answers to these questions and more while gaining a solid understanding of basic skills in relation to trade finance products. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, case studies are used to develop confidence and ensure individuals can successfully structure solutions to best meet their clients’ needs. Learn more

Introduction to Documentary Credits

There is no better way to learn how documentary credits facilitate trade than with the help of a leading professional with over 25 years of experience. Alexander Malaket, Co-Chair of the ICC Academy Academic Committee, takes participants through the essentials of this unique financial instrument and explains how it can be adapted to a range of market conditions and to meet an array of client needs. Learn more

Introduction to Collections

Learn how Documentary Collections function and their value to importers and exporters with this introductory course developed by industry specialist, Carlo Di Ninni, a consultant at ICC Italy. This course walks participants through the cycle of Documentary Collections in order to visualize the role and perspective of the Relationship Manager in a financial institution, in addition to the risks and documents involved. Learn more

Introduction to Guarantees

From a summary of what guarantees entail to realistic case studies and assessment, this course builds participants comprehension of guarantees and their evolution. Developed by ICC Academy expert, Andrea Hauptmann, Head of the Guarantees Department at Raiffeisen Bank International, the course underscores the importance of using correct terminology and helps participants to acquire a firm grasp of the abstract and documentary nature of the guarantee. Learn more

Introduction to Capital and Pricing

Banking and risk management expert, Krishnan Ramadurai, puts participants through their paces with this course that provides an introduction to the Basel 3 Rules on Capital Adequacy. From learning the difference between Capital and Risk-weighted assets (RWA) to deciphering the pricing of trade products from a regulatory capital and RWA perspective, this course allows participants to develop an understanding of capital and pricing and contributes to an appreciation of governance. Learn more

Introduction to Distributor Finance

Step into the world of Distributor Finance with former banker Charles Bryant, as he explains the main varieties of this financing option and  its potential suitability for major manufacturers, exporters and their international distributor networks.  Learn more

Introduction to Cross Border Trade
Recognized specialist in international trade and trade finance, Alexander Malaket, is back again as he goes through the basics of global trade. Starting with the understanding of international trade and ending with a look into the future as the global trade environment evolves, this course gives participants a solid knowledge of mechanisms, dynamics and key issues around international trade, commercial considerations in the pursuit of business across borders, as well as the linkages between trade, financing and international development. Learn more

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