Gamble appointed Chair of the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy

  • 7 October 2011

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoffrey Gamble, Esquire as the incoming Chair of the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment.

Mr Gamble is currently Director of International Affairs of the DuPont Company, where his responsibilities include leading the company’s global government affairs network, the development of corporate trade policy and providing legal counsel in the areas of international and comparative law, trade law, and global ethics. A member of the Executive Committee of the US Council for International Business, Mr Gamble, previously served as Vice- Chair of the Commission.

“It is an honour to succeed R.V. Kanoria as Chair of the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy,” said Mr Gamble. “I view this is a valuable opportunity to foster international cooperation towards increasing global trade and employment, and improving living standards.”

As trade policy is consistently a top priority for global business, the Commission on Trade and Investment Policy represents ICC’s main working body on multilateral trade and investment policy issues. The Commission’s constructive role in representing business views is built upon ICC’s long history of authoritative involvement in international trade policy. Founded in 1919 with the mandate to foster peace and prosperity through trade, ICC was present at Bretton Woods and has enjoyed top-level consultative status at the UN and its specialized agencies since 1946. ICC’s global network is located in over 90 countries and forms the world’s largest, most representative business organization. ICC’s established reputation coupled with its global reach uniquely positions the organization to convey the views of global business on international trade and investment policy.

Mr Gamble’s long involvement in international trade and investment policy brings an experienced, international business perspective to the position. For 11 years, Mr Gamble acted as the Chairman of the US Industry Trade Advisory Committee for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health/Science Products and Services to the Department of Commerce and to the United States Trade Representative. He is a member of the Board of the Directors of the National Foreign Trade Council and has served as a US delegate at the Seattle, Doha, Cancun and Hong Kong World Trade Organization Ministerial Meetings.

Mr Gamble will lead the work of the Commission, which is composed of over 180 trade and investment policy experts from companies and business associations in 30 countries from different regions of the world and all economic sectors. With a mandate to break down barriers to international trade and investment so that all countries can benefit from improved living standards through increased trade and investment flows, the Commission has followed the Doha Development Agenda negotiations closely since the launch of the Round in 2001 and has developed detailed policy recommendations to WTO members on most of the main issues under negotiation. The Commission also tracks and provides input in international investment policy developments, with a particular focus on the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development .

For more information on the work of this commission please visit the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy