Climate change

Economy key to reaching climate goals, ICC tells UNEP

  • 5 March 2008

ICC led a prominent business delegation to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 10th Special Session of the Governing Council/ Global Ministerial Environment Forum and Global Civil Society Forum.

The meeting sought agreement to UNEP’s medium-term strategy, which will be used in formulating strategic frameworks and work programmes through 2013 for addressing climate change.

Because of its work bringing together all stakeholders, ICC involvement is crucial to help build an international consensus for effectively addressing environmental risks. Ministerial discussions were also held on financing climate action and on international environmental governance.

Throughout the week, ICC showed how business was already globally engaged in delivering solutions to environmental challenges. ICC illustrated how its members are actively involved in tackling climate change and improving resource efficiency.

ICC also stressed during the meeting that there is no inherent contradiction in achieving economic growth and trade liberalization with environmental protection and sustainable development. By contrast, ICC argued that open trade and economic growth provide the necessary conditions in which protecting the environment can best be achieved.

Prince Albert II of Monaco urged the forum’s participants to find global solutions to environmental challenges. The Prince heralded ICC as a leader in business engagement on crucial environmental issues at the ICC Environment and Energy Commission meeting in Monaco last November, where he cited ICC as an essential link between local and international players.

Prince Albert II also stated that the fate of nations is inextricably linked to ecological resources. He called for innovation and creativity to develop effective technologies for energy conservation, and for engaging the business sector to address global warming.

ICC has enjoyed a close working relationship with UNEP since 1991, when the Business Charter for Sustainable Development was launched to help thousands of companies worldwide build their own integrated environmental management systems.

ICC and UNEP also joined efforts to ensure the success of “African Business for Sustainable Development” in Nairobi during the 23rd UNEP meeting in 2005.

ICC is expanding this cooperative relationship, to prepare the 2008 annual UNEP-business consultative meeting set to take place in the autumn.