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Certificate of Origin online training now available for chambers of commerce

  • 3 September 2014

ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) online training programme, delivered in collaboration with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), is now available to assist chamber staff to improve Certificate of Origin (CO) procedures.

“Millions of Certificates of Origin are issued every year by chambers of commerce. These tools reinforce the role of trade documentation in global trade and facilitate international commercial exchanges,” said Anthony Parkes, Director of the ICC World Chambers Federation.

“WCF has developed a unique and global training platform that addresses the international chamber community’s need for greater harmonization and consistency of CO processes and procedures by certification staff across the globe,” he added.

Based on the ICC WCF International Certificates of Origin Guidelines, which establish international best practice for issuance procedures, this training programme will help reinforce competency and professionalism not only to benefit chambers, but also for traders and customs administrations. It also promotes the unique position of chambers as the competent, trusted third party in the delivery of COs.

Anick de Sousa, Carnet and Certification Specialist, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and one of the first training users, said: “The ICC online document certification training and testing program is helpful for chambers who wish to expand their knowledge of certification. Taking this program encourages to uphold the highest standard when applying your stamp on international documents.”

The course will not only provide chamber trade documentation professionals with a comprehensive understanding of COs, but also the needed credentials to issue such licenses.

A certification of completion will be issued to each person who successfully completes the exam, valid for three years.

Through a series of chapters and quizzes, the trainee will undergo an online exam at the end of modules to test their knowledge. Mentors are also available upon request.

Individuals can sign up instantly for the course, with discounts on group bookings of chamber staff available from 10-30%.

To sign up, please click here.

Get a copy of the ICC WCF International Certificate of Origin Guidelines.