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Albania opens for business with implementation of ATA Carnets – passports for goods

  • 25 February 2013
Incoterms® rules

The Republic of Albania has become the 72nd country to effectively implement the international ATA Carnet system that allows for the temporary duty and tax-free export or import goods for up to one year.

Albania is the 72nd country to join the international ATA Carnet system.
Albania is the 72nd country to join the international ATA Carnet system.

The move to join the system reflects Albania’s resolve to further the country’s transformation into a market economy
and is in line with efforts to facilitate international trade and reap the benefits of globalization.

“Albania’s implementation of the ATA Carnet system signals to the world that the country is open for business,” said Peter Bishop, Chair of the ICC WCF World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC)
“Their participation will have a positive impact on the Albanian economy and is greatly welcomed by all other members of the Carnet chain.”

ATA Carnets remove the need for exporters to provide Customs authorities with the otherwise necessary guarantees required for goods to cross borders. Operating like passports for goods, over 160,000 ATA Carnets are issued worldwide every year for goods valued at US$ 20 billion. From computers to prehistoric relics, Carnets cover all kinds of goods including commercial samples, professional equipment, goods for fairs and exhibitions.

The ATA carnet system, administered by the Brussels-based World Customs Organization and the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF), facilitates international trade and provides companies with a cost effective tool to reach new markets for their products. The chain comprises chambers and business organizations that have been appointed by their national Customs authority to issue and guarantee Carnets.