2011 figures show steady growth in ICC Arbitration

  • 6 January 2012
ICC Arbitration and ADR

The ICC International Court of Arbitration registered 795 arbitration cases in 2011 under ICC Rules of Arbitration, surpassing the previous year by two cases. On average, the Court has registered 800 cases per year since 2009.

A full Statistical Report for 2011 will be published on the ICC Dispute Resolution Library and in the Court’s biannual Bulletin later in the year.

The Court has welcomed in the New Year with the entry into force of the 2012 ICC Rules for Arbitration and a high level of activity. A case from Spain was the first to be filed under the new Rules.

Six other requests have since been filed, involving parties from Brazil, China (Hong Kong), Egypt, India, Jordan, Peru, South Korea and USA.

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