ICC BASIS Intervention 5 – Open Consultation – Internet Governance Forum

  • 3 September 2007

by Peter Hellmonds

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. On behalf of ICC and BASIS members, I’m pleased to share a few points regarding dynamic coalitions. And I will be brief this time.

We support the need for some criteria to be developed for dynamic coalitions and propose that, for example, as an essential component, they should be, indeed, related to the IGF. A few examples of what criteria we might adopt could be next to the multistakeholder principle, that there should be some measure of — that these dynamic coalitions are representative of a larger constituency and not just the outcome of a few individuals. Indeed, the topic should be in line with the IGF mandate and the issues to be discussed, and they should not be pure advocacy groups.

I understand that some measure of advocacy might be necessary. But they should not be pure advocacy groups, but actually trying to move the agenda forward. And we believe one of the criteria could be that they issue a statement of purpose. We would request that we set a deadline for these dynamic coalitions to update their information. And as I am from the business community, I suggest having a short deadline, because the IGF in Rio is approaching fast, so I suggest two weeks.

In general, however, we believe that dynamic coalitions that emerged from the first IGF in Athens are still in the process of organizing themselves, and perhaps given that we have five years, at least, to run the IGF, we should give them just a little bit more time before we actually do a further evaluation.

That being said, I conclude for the moment. Thank you very much.