Global issues & trends

ICC examines the nature and significance of the major shifts taking place in the world economy. From banking and finance to innovation and intellectual property issues, policy advocacy is a major part of ICC’s work. But everything else we do is also devoted to promoting international trade and investment. Much of our work is of a very practical nature, focused on making it easier for business to operate internationally.

Drawing on the expertise and experience of our worldwide membership, we offer a large array of voluntary rules, guidelines, and codes which facilitate cross-border transactions and help spread best practice among companies. These activities make us an influential and respected channel for supplying business leadership to help governments manage global developments in a collaborative manner for the benefit of the world economy as a whole.

Digital growth

From micro-enterprises to multinational conglomerates, businesses in every sector and every region of the world are becoming increasingly dependent on information and communication technologies (ICTs) and a secure, stable and trusted Internet to carry out their daily operations.

Global governance

Over the past two decades, the role of business in global governance has become increasingly important. ICC works to inform international policy debates in intergovernmental institutions – ensuring that global policy frameworks work with business to drive growth and economic development.

Counterfeiting & Piracy (BASCAP)

Counterfeit and pirated products put the health and safety of consumers worldwide at risk while robbing governments, businesses and communities of tax revenues, profits and legitimate jobs. The negative impacts of counterfeiting and piracy are projected to drain US$4.2 trillion from the global economy and put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk by 2022.

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The International Chamber of Commerce has launched Incoterms® 2020, an update of the renowned regulations that define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers operating in the international trade system.

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