Programme Manager, ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship – Global Partnerships and Development (consultancy)

The ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship is currently recruiting a Programme Manager for a consultancy role.

As the institutional representative of over 45 million businesses in more than 170 countries, the International Chamber of Commerce operates with a core mission to “make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere”. 

We act as the primary voice of the real economy in a range of intergovernmental organisations – from the World Trade Organization to the UN climate process – championing the needs of local business in global decision making. 

The convening power of our global network enables us to set rules and standards that facilitate over $17 trillion dollars in trade each year – as well as providing tailored products and digital services that directly address the real challenges faced by businesses operating internationally. 

We also provide the world’s premier private global dispute resolution services, leveraging ICC’s unique independence, integrity, and expertise. 

The ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship is a global programme that brings together chambers of commerce and ICC national committees to empower them to create thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems. Set up in 2020, the programme leverages the ICC network to help its partners access knowledge and expertise from across the global entrepreneurship landscape. The ICC CoE network today spans 14 countries and four continents, helping SMEs increase their participation in global trade and build global competitiveness.  

The ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship is currently recruiting a Programme Manager (consultancy). The Programme Manager will report to Head – ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship. 

The role 


Terms and conditions  

Estimated start date:As soon as possible   

Department: Global Partnerships and Development  

Location: Anywhere  

Contract type and duration: 12-month contract  

How to apply: Interested candidates should send the following to Ullas Marar, Head, ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship, at

At ICC, we make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere. 

And when we say “everyone”, we mean it. 

We celebrate the diversity of our people and strive to inspire acceptance, cultivate a culture where difference matters, inclusion is essential and equality of opportunity is for everyone.