ICC events

ICC events take place at venues around the world, covering an array of legal and business issues and providing unrivalled networking opportunities. They are open to ICC members and non-members alike.

28 Nov 17

Russia as a Place for Dispute Resolution

ICC Russia’s 10th International Arbitration Conference will provide an insight on ICC Court’s practice in the selection of arbitrators, the administration of disputes and the application of the new ICC Expedited Rules. The conference will also address corruption in international arbitration; and provide an overview on landmark arbitration cases of 2017.

07 Dec 17

25th Croatian Arbitration Days

The jubilee two-day annual conference 25th Croatian Arbitration Days, co-organized by the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Croatian Chamber of Economy (PAC CCE) along with the ICC International Court of Arbitration (ICC) and ICC Croatia, is dedicated to “Procedural aspects of international commercial arbitration”.

08 Dec 17

ICC India Arbitration Conference

In continuation of ICC India Arbitration Conference series, this conference will bring together leading practitioners to discuss key issues in domestic and international arbitration, with a special focus on Indian practice and experiences under the ICC Arbitration Rules; the recently introduced Expedited Procedure and the Court’s policy decisions on transparency.

08 Dec 17

ICC YAF: The arbitrator’s duty to disclose potential conflicts

This conference will focus on one of the first challenges young practitioners face when they are for the first time appointed as arbitrators: the written disclosure statement. Two panels will explore the disclosure framework and the scope of the arbitrator’s duties in light of the existing guidelines and recent case law, as well as the consequences of a failure to disclose a potential conflict.

11 Dec 17

ICC Arbitration Advanced Seminar

ICC Portugal and the ICC Court of Arbitration are organizing a two-day Advanced Seminar fully in Portuguese, offering the Portuguese speaking practitioners the possibility to obtain knowledge and a practical experience of using the ICC arbitration rules, through a closer look at the various stages of the arbitration process under these rules.

18 Jan 18

5th ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration

The ICC International Court of Arbitration (ICC) is co-organizing along with the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) and the Institute for Energy Law (IEL) of the Centre for American and International Law the 5th edition of their joint conference on international arbitration in the energy sector. Procedural issues such as arbitrator selection and emergency arbitrators will be explored, and the new era of disputes in the Mexican energy industry examined.

30 Jan 18


The ICC Court of Arbitration and ICC Panama are organizing their biennial International Arbitration Conference on 30 January to discuss topics regarding the recent developments of arbitration in Latin America and the world. This conference will be preceded by an ICC YAF Conference 29 January 2018.

20 Mar 18

Pre-International Competition Network Forum

Now a joint conference of ICC and IBA, the Pre-ICN Forum will bring together antitrust enforcers from across the world.
Be part of the discussions! Join us for a line-up of high-profile speakers, topical panel discussions, relevant updates, and an unrivalled opportunity to network.
This conference will be held the day before the 17th Annual International Competition Network (ICN) Conference.