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The Centre of Entrepreneurship in Bogotá is hosted by INNOVALAB, the Business Innovation, and Design Centre of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, ICC’s representative chamber in Colombia.

The Centre of Entrepreneurship promotes business activity in Bogotá and the wider region contributing to the city’s reputation as the “Entrepreneurship Capital” of Latin America.

The Centre’s mission is to support, prepare, connect, and mobilize the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, enabling people with opportunities to build meaningful livelihoods. In addition, it works with the global programs of the Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Programs in Bogotá include GoFest, Innovatalks, Virtual Training about innovation and entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Management Programs.

For more information about the hub in Bogotá, please contact Lina María Hoyos Gaviria: lina.hoyos@ccb.org.co

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