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ICC AOKpass, a risk mitigation tool developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), is a scalable solution that enables governments and border authorities to reopen cross border travel safely and efficiently.

What is ICC AOKpass?

ICC AOKpass is a risk mitigation tool that allows users to present digitally authenticated and secure medical records to border authorities and government administrations. Supported by International SOS and SGS Group, ICC AOKpass is a digital solution to enable governments and businesses to restore global travel and trade in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does ICC AOKpass work?

ICC AOKpass allows users to safely present medical records to border authorities and government administrations without compromising their personal medical data. Using a secure blockchain ledger, ICC AOKpass is resistant to fraud and protects user privacy.

ICC AOKpass follows a simple process:

  1. Government issues health and safety requirements for border entry (i.e. COVID-19 negative test result).
  2. User completes a COVID-19 screening test at an accredited clinic.
  3. Clinic issues a digital pass for the user using the ICC AOKpass application
  4. User presents the ICC AOK digital pass to border authorities using a scannable QR-code.
  5. Border agents scan the QR-code to validate the user’s pass and allow entry based upon government’s health and safety requirements

What are the advantages of ICC AOKpass?

There are several advantages of ICC AOKpass for governments, businesses and travellers:

  1. Fraud is impossible. ICC AOKpass uses secure blockchain technology.
  2. User privacy is respected and protected. ICC AOKpass does not collect personal and medical data.
  3. Adaptable to evolving health and safety requirements. Governments can adjust health and safety requirements for entry. Governments can adapt their COVID-19 screening test requirements or replace them with proof of vaccine.
  4. Easy to use for everyone. ICC AOKpass simplifies and standardises protocols for cross border travel.
  5. Contactless screening. ICC AOKpass QR-code scanning, thus not requiring any physical contact or document exchange between the traveller and the verifying authorities.
  6. A scalable solution. ICC AOKpass allows for speedy implementation at scale.

Where can ICC AOKpass be used?

ICC AOKpass can be used in a variety of ways to help return global travel and trade to pre-pandemic levels.

  • Vaccine certificates
    Governments can adapt to medical advancements, such as the production and availability of proven vaccines. In the future, governments can replace COVID-19 screening tests with vaccines.
  • International travel ports of entry
    ICC AOKpass can be used at international travel ports of entry, including airports, maritime ports and border checkpoints.
  • International and regional trade routes
    By adopting ICC AOKpass, governments can reduce border queues, bottlenecks and travel time for critical international and regional trade routes. Whether by air, land or sea, ICC AOKpass will accelerate border checks and trade in the age of COVID-19.
  • Events and other venues
    ICC AOKpass can be incorporated into the operational strategy of businesses, events, workplaces, universities and other venues implementing health and safety precautions

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