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What is ICC Agri-Food Hubs?

ICC Agri-Food Hubs is an ICC project open to companies and partners private and institutional specialised in the agri-food sector. It aims at providing companies with support on three thematic pillars: Innovation and DigitisationTrade and Policy and Sustainability.

The first Agri-Food Hub will be launched as a pilot project by ICC Italy to provide support to national companies involved in the agri-food sector.

ICC national committees interested in joining the network will benefit from ICC team and the Italian experience to replicate and launch their own regional hubs. Proposals have already been presented by Argentina, Armenia, Iran, and Israel. Our aim is to build a global network of regional ICC Agri-Food Hubs with over 100 national committees to deliver tailored support to local companies, small business, and start-ups alike.

Who can join the Agri-Food Hubs?

  • COMPANIES: Small, medium, and large. Differentiated paths are envisaged based on revenues and size.
  • PRIVATE PARTNERS: This is addressed to service providers, consulting firms, individual professionals and experts in the agri-food sector. To participate, an association with ICC is required.
  • INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS:  Aware of the importance of international cooperation, ICC works closely  with a range of national and international organisations and associations, and is proud to welcome them as partners in our activities or undertake collaborative initiatives with them.

What are the Agri-Food Hubs’ activities and services?


Led by experts providing specialised knowledge and expertise in agri-food matters, working groups formulate the technical policy direction of the Hubs and the operational plan for each of the three pillars through an extensive consultation with member companies. They also examine major issues of interest of the sector by preparing policy products to contribute to intergovernmental discussions facilitating international trade.


Thanks to ICC’s trusted institutional partners, Agri-Food Hub members are involved in discussions on policy and regulation both at national and international level.


Regular events and training sessions offer the opportunity for active discussions and in-depth analysis on current issues which have a strong operational impact on the agri-food sector.


Technical support from ICC partners with one-to-one meetings and concrete activities on the thematic paths of the hub is provided to members of the Agri-Food Hubs.


The ICC Agri-Food Hub network is an incubator for developing collaborations, pooling and leveraging resources and skills to develop new synergies among companies, professionals and institutions at national and international level.

Who are our ICC Agri-Food Hub institutional and academic partners?

Other ICC activities connected to the Agri-Food Hubs:

How to join ICC Agri-Food Hubs

To join the Agri-Food Hubs, send an email to the ICC national committee in your country or contact Ercole de Vito.