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To keep pace with the rapid shift to e-Business and improve efficiency in serving the business community, providing Electronic Certificates of Origin (eCO) is a top priority for chambers. Already issued by many chambers around the world, online CO services contribute significantly to a secured trading environment, help save time and costs, and increase transparency.

Besides security features such as online verification of the authenticity of COs and optical watermarking technology, eCO systems also provide electronic application as well as issue, complete with digital stamps of the chamber and signatures of authorised officials. It is in the best interests of all chambers to push for eCOs in their country. If your exporters have access to the Internet, there is no reason for holding back. With eCO, there is no longer a need for a wet stamp—with the exception of some situations in those countries which do not accept eCOs.

Recognising the long-term importance of such digitalisation trend, an eCO Task Force is created with the mission to enhance and raise the level of acceptability of eCO by stakeholders, as well as provide a forum to share expertise and experiences.