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In January 2013, all world customs organisations and administrations were notified of the implementation of a Certificate of Origin (CO) verification website developed by ICC WCF. Established to support ICC WCF International CO Accreditation Chain members, the website allows customs authorities to verify the authenticity of COs issued by participating chambers.

Through this secure platform, mutual trust is reinforced between customs authorities and chambers by ensuring that COs are issued in accordance with international standards. The CO Verification website reinforces the internationally-accepted standards established by the International CO Guidelines. Core CO data from accredited chambers are uploaded to a secured platform. Customs authorities and the issuing chambers can authenticate the CO by entering a unique CO number and the chamber’s accreditation code. Basic references such as date of issue, name of the applicant and issuing chamber’s contact information will be made available to the customs authorities. If a CO number is not issued by an accredited chamber, an immediate notification will be sent.

Four advantages of the Certificate of Origin Verification website