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With the purpose of harmonising procedures used for issuance of COs by Chambers of Commerce worldwide, ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) has established a universal set of procedures for issuing and attesting COs by chambers.

The Guidelines, which can be seen as standards relating to the issuing process of certificates of origin, are intended for use by chambers of commerce who issue COs and handle digital origin statements. However, customs, other government officials, freight forwarders and business involved in cross-border transactions can also benefit from these guidelines.

This universal set of international procedures, supplemented with samples as well as best practice, is an indispensable and comprehensive guide for chambers wishing to guarantee their commitment to the highest level of quality, implementing transparent and accountable issuance and verification procedures.

International Certificate of Origin Guidelines (2019 Edition)

The revised version aims to provide an overview of the latest CO developments, notably digitalisation of the CO process.


  • CO issuing procedures with detailed terms & conditions
  • The roles & duties of Chambers
  • Determination & verification of origin
  • Limitations & rules governing the process
  • Sample forms & letters