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The ATA Carnet system is a prime example of how close cooperation between business and customs can facilitate and stimulate international trade.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) administers the international customs conventions under which the ATA Carnet system operates while the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) administers the ATA system and its international guarantee chain.

In every country in the ATA Chain, a guaranteeing organisation – approved by its respective Customs and the ICC World Chambers Federation – administers the operation of the ATA Carnet System.

The role of a national guaranteeing organisation is to guarantee to its Customs administration the payment of duties and taxes due when ATA Carnets have been misused on its territory (non or late re-exportation of goods, for instance).

The national guaranteeing organisation can also, with the prior consent of its Customs administration, authorise local chambers to deliver ATA Carnets on its behalf. In major trading nations, dozens of local chambers have that authority.

ATA Carnet SystemWithin ICC World Chambers Federation, a World ATA Carnet Council gathers the national guaranteeing organisations from all countries where the ATA Carnet is in force today.

The ATA Carnet comprises a front and back cover and includes two sheets for presentation at each foreign country you are visiting and two sheets for presentation to customs when leaving and returning to your home country.

One sheet is to give to the foreign customs officials when entering the country and the other when you leave it. The same applies when exiting and entering your own country.


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