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The impact of Internet content regulation

Internet content regulations are increasingly prevalent.

Why is global business concerned about Internet content regulation?

For example, Reporters Sans Frontieres noted that at least 59 countries impose limits on the freedom of information online. Excessive domestic regulation of Internet content creates significant uncertainties for business operating on this global medium, and has a chilling effect on commercial communication.

The Internet continues to be a growing, vibrant and important medium for conducting business. Indeed, the Internet and e-commerce facilitate international trade. Given the benefits of increased trade for society, governments should refrain from imposing unnecessary restrictions on Internet content.

It is important to note, that ICC recognizes legitimate public policy objectives such as protecting the general public, and particularly children, from objectionable Internet content and prohibiting the use of the Internet for criminal activity and information that could be prejudicial to global security. We believe that such regulations should be kept to a minimum so as not to restrict the free flow of information.

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