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Preliminary ICC BASIS input on IGF Rio topics

This preliminary contribution is submitted by members of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and its initiative Business Action to Support the Information Society, (BASIS), ahead of the informal consultations scheduled for 23 May 2007 in Geneva.

General Comments

This business input outlines the priority sub-themes for the main meeting topics of Openness, Security, Diversity, and Access for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Rio de Janeiro on 12- 15 November 2007. It also includes recommendations for consideration by other stakeholders, the IGF secretariat and advisory group, in formulating a productive and focused agenda for the second IGF that builds upon the success of the first IGF in Athens. Supplementary input on the draft programme and schedule will be submitted ahead of the IGF consultation.

Business calls attention to its input on the format and other practical recommendations in the “ICC/BASIS Feedback on IGF Athens” dated 12 January 2007.

The format of the main sessions will have an impact on how the topics are approached, and the added value for participants.

ICC/BASIS believes that the cross-cutting theme of human and institutional capacity building should feature in all of the main meeting sessions, and urges a true integration of concrete capacity building elements in the agenda for the IGF in Rio.

A comprehensive approach to highlighting existing best practices and those under development in other fora on all of the main meeting themes is essential to respond to the input of many participants from all stakeholder groups, and in particular from developing countries. This will also ensure that the IGF discussions are not duplicative. Best practices must be part of the main sessions.

They are not a separate subject.

Business supports one reporting session that gives organizations that are addressing Internet governance related issues the opportunity to update the IGF community on developments as a way of building understanding and helping to raise awareness of developments in key Internet related organizations.

The IGF should provide a place for stakeholders to get up to date information regarding issues being addressed in existing organizations or which cut across several different organizations in one reporting session…

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