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Improving the IGF: How Can We Get the Most out of IGF Improvements Processes

This Workshop brought together a diverse group of stakeholders with representatives from government, civil society, business, academic and technical community, including representatives from the IGF MAG and CSTD Working Group, to discuss a broad range of ideas and provide an opportunity to exchange perspectives on improvements, both within the IGF process itself and the CSTD Working Group discussions that have occurred in the past months.


Constance Bommelaer, ISOC (contact person: bommelaer@isoc.org)

Ayesha Hassan, ICC Basis

William Tevie, National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Ghana

Nurani Nimpuno, Netnod

Baher Esmat, ICANN


Jeanette Hofmann (RIIS) and Jeff Brueggeman (AT&T)

Remote moderator:

Cathy Handley (ARIN)


Marilyn Cade

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