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ICC Guidelines on Gifts and Hospitality

The ICC Guidelines on Gifts and Hospitality provide guidance for companies on how to establish and maintain a policy relating to Gifts and Hospitality, based on the most recent international, regional and national rules, as well as on commercial best practice.


ICC recommends that Enterprises establish strict procedures covering the offer or receipt of Gifts and Hospitality in order to ensure that such arrangements:

(a) comply with national law and applicable international instruments;

(b) are limited to reasonable and bona fide expenditures;

(c) do not improperly affect, or might be perceived as improperly affecting, the recipient’s independence of judgment towards the giver;

(d) are not contrary to the known provisions of the recipient’s Code of Conduct; and

(e) are neither offered or received too frequently nor at an inappropriate time.

Based on an extensive exchange of good practices among its members, from many countries and from different sectors, and on a thorough benchmarking of their approaches, ICC wishes to issue the present Guidelines, which take into consideration the most recent international, regional and national rules as well as commercial best practice and guidance at the date of these Guidelines.


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  • Definitions of terms used in these Guidelines
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