Fast track dispute resolution procedure for trade finance

ICC DOCDEX is a dispute resolution procedure specifically designed for the world of trade finance, whereby a panel of three independent and impartial experts renders a decision on a dispute arising out of a trade finance instrument, undertaking or agreement.
This rapid, document-based procedure offers an attractive alternative to costly and protracted litigation. DOCDEX is administered exclusively by the ICC International Centre for ADR in accordance with the ICC DOCDEX Rules.
As a joint product of the ICC Banking Commission and ICC Dispute Resolution Services, DOCDEX capitalizes on ICC’s expertise and experience in both fields. ICC DOCDEX offers the best professional practices and includes safeguards to ensure the competence, independence, impartiality and availability of experts.
Depending on the amount in dispute, DOCDEX proceedings are capped at US$ 5,000 or US$ 10,000.

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