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ICC and BASIS members have been actively contributing to and supporting the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) since its inauguration in 2006 because it provides a unique opportunity to exchange views and best practices on a wide variety of important policy issues that affect continued development of the Internet. The IGF can help bring economic and social benefits to more people around the world. The strength of the multistakeholder IGF model is that it brings together governments, business, the Internet technical community, civil society and international and intergovernmental representatives with all participants on an equal footing. This is a unique global policy forum and opportunity for multistakeholder dialogue.

  • ICC BASIS‟ support for IGF and the multistakeholder process
  • Governments in Internet governance
  • National and regional IGF initiatives
  • Internet governance: development benefits and business contributions
  • Access and diversity
    • Internet infrastructure deployment and interconnection
    • Mobile broadband spectrum
  • Openness, privacy, and security
    • Free flow of information and protection of individual rights
    • Mobile services and Internet security
    • Privacy protections
  • Critical Internet resources
    • IPv4 / IPv6
    • IDNs for development
  • Emerging policy issues and challenges
    • Cloud computing
    • Social media
  • Enhanced cooperation
  • IGF
  • IGF achievements
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