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BASD 2012 contribution for Rio plus 20 compilation document (2011)

This BASD 2012 submission consists of a main chapeau text on the two main themes of the Rio+20 Conference, complemented and supported by submissions from BASD partners and convenors highlighting their specific contribution to Rio+20.

The ICC Green Economy Task Force has defined the term “Green Economy” as follows: “The business community believes that the term “Green Economy” is embedded in the broader sustainable development concept. The “Green Economy” is described as an economy in which economic growth and environmental responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion while supporting progress on social development. Business and industry has a crucial role in delivering the economically viable products, processes, services, and solutions required for the transition to a green economy.”

The Task Force undertook extensive analysis and global consultation to determine what is required to further a transition towards a Green Economy, including the development of the following ten high level systems conditions that will form part of a longer term ICC Green Economy Roadmap.

The Ten Green Economy Systems Conditions

Social innovation
1. Awareness
2. Education and Skills
3. Employment

Environmental innovation
4. Resource Efficiency and Decoupling
5. Life Cycle Approach

Economic innovation
6. Open and Competitive Markets
7. Metrics, Accounting, and Reporting
8. Finance and Investment

Mutually enforcing cross-cutting elements
9. Integrated environmental, social and economic policy and decision making
10. Governance and Partnerships

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