Listen to the serious protestors

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London A Financial Times editorial says the issues driving anti-globalization protesters remain both popular and real, though their fury has subsided. Meanwhile, globalization itself remains an economic reality, even if the growth of world trade has slowed and investment flow are down, the business newspa

Globalization is narrowing the poverty gap

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Far from widening the gap between rich and poor, globalization has helped to bring about unprecedented improvements in the living conditions of many of the world's poorest people, ICC economic analysts report.

Diminishing returns for the rebels without good cause

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Violent street protests against globalization and capitalism have become part of the contemporary scene. Cities that host major international meetings now know from experience how many riot police and clean-up crews they need to mobilize.

Trade protesters are ”fighting the wrong enemy”

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Protesters outside world trade meetings are "fighting the wrong enemy," the Vice-President of the International Chamber of Commerce has said in an address to the World Trade Center.

Globalization holds the key to ending world poverty

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Writing in the International Herald Tribune, ICC Secretary General Maria Livanos Cattaui has called on governments to resist being stampeded into futile attempts to stop or slow globalization.

Speak up for globalization

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In a plea for global corporate statesmanship, an article on the editorial pages says that multinational corporations should do more to champion the cause of globalization at a time of "extraordinary opportunities" for wealth creation and progress.

Multinationals are a positive force

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A lead editorial headed "The world's view of multinationals" in The Economist reaches the conclusion that they should in the main be seen as a powerful force for good. Describing the multinationals as the most visible aspect of globalization, the editorial says: "They spread wealth, work, technologies that raise living standards and better ways of doing business."

High stakes at Seattle

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With the launch of a new world trade round only days away, the director-general of the World Trade Organization, Mike Moore, has said that failure by governments to craft a deal at the negotiations would be ''unthinkable''.