ICC says G8 must push harder for progress in stalled Doha talks

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The International Chamber of Commerce welcomes the call issued by the G8 leaders in St. Petersburg for a concerted effort to conclude the Doha Round of trade negotiations by the end of this year - with a new deadline of mid-August for agreeing on negotiating procedures for agricultural and industrial goods.

ICC calls on G8 and G20 to keep markets open

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In the wake of one of the most challenging years in business history, ICC has called on G8 and G20 leaders meeting in Toronto this week to take action in three areas that are crucial to the future of the world economy: international trade and investment; climate change and energy; and intellectual property and innovation.

ICC welcomes steps on climate change from G8 and Major Economies Forum

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G8 leaders took steps at their summit in L’Aquila to develop an effective response to climate change that meets economic, social and energy needs, most especially in developing countries, but more cooperation between governments and business is needed, ICC said today.

ICC calls on G8 to avoid economic nationalism

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The G8 summit should resist pressures to resort to economic nationalism and should further strengthen international cooperation to meet the challenges posed by the global recession, climate change and product counterfeiting, ICC urged Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi today.

ICC asks G8 to support UN climate change framework

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A global agreement on climate change under the auspices of the United Nations is the best way of ensuring international cooperation to resolve this vital issue, ICC said in statement to environment ministers from the world’s most highly industrialized countries.

ICC hails G8 pledge to halve emissions

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ICC welcomed a historic statement by the G8 group of industrial nations today to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and calling on all major economies to commit to meaningful mitigation actions in the international agreement to be negotiated by the end of next year.