ICC names three new Banking Commission Technical Advisors

Global regulation

ICC today announced the appointment of three new technical advisors for its Commission on Banking – a leading global policy and rule-making body for the banking industry known worldwide for its trade finance products and services including Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, the most successful privately drafted rules for trade ever developed.

FIB sees gold fraud trend continue

ICC Trade Finance

The ICC Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) has urged ongoing caution over gold transactions, after the previously-reported trend in fraudulent deals continued.

FIB warns against spurious approaches

ICC Trade Finance

The ICC Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) has recently been made aware of a number of suspect approaches made by individuals purporting to be representing the organisation.

New FraudNet book boosts fight against financial fraud

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A new book by the ICC FraudNet highlights the limitations and opportunities of legal actions around the world to recover losses due to fraud. Criminal proceeds currently being recovered from fraudsters caught and prosecuted amount to a small percentage of the losses. The need for victims to get more back is acute.

FIB issues warning on fake bank guarantees

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The ICC Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) is urging banks to be vigilant in the wake of a spate of fraudulent bank guarantees identified in recent months.

Court finds operators of fake Grenada bank guilty

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Found guilty of defrauding over $170 million from thousands of investors, four operators of the fictitious First International Bank of Grenada, are now facing jail time and millions of dollars in fines.