4 Things to Know About the 2020 Oslo Business for Peace Award

Business for Peace Award

The ability to generate profits typically determines a company’s success. But leadership today requires business leaders to demonstrate that profit comes with a real purpose. While numbers are still as important as ever, more and more companies are doubling down to make their mark beyond profit margins.

ICC celebrates 2019 Business for Peace Honourees

Business for Peace Award

Three business leaders exemplifying ‘businessworthy’ values and shaping society for the better have been named 2019 Oslo Business for Peace Award winners. This year’s laureates are Agbor Ashumanyi Ako, the Co-founder of GiftedMom; Alice Laugher, the CEO of Committed to Good (CTG); and Hamdi Ulukaya, the Founder and CEO of Chobani.

ICC and partners in search for businessworthy candidates

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Business for Peace (BfP) Foundation are currently seeking candidates for the 2019 Oslo Business for Peace Award. The prestigious award recognises exemplary leaders who promote socially responsible and ethical business practices, benefitting both business and society.