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How business is marking a critical World Water Day

ICC celebrates World Water Day 2018

As the United Nations’ (UN) “Decade of Action” for water begins this year, the role of business in the responsible stewardship of our most vital natural resource is most important than ever. Read our statement on water and business.

ICC applauds 2018 Business for Peace Award winners

Business for Peace Award

Three global business heads have been named winners of the Oslo Business for Peace Award for exceptional contributions to peace building through business initiatives. The 2018 laureates are Lori Blaker, president and CEO of TTi Global; Edgar Montenegro, founder and CEO of Corpocampo; and Martin Naughton, founder of Glen Dimplex Group.

New hearing centre in Brazil marks milestone in ICC LatAm expansion

the ICC/CNI International Arbitration Hearing Center

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) have inaugurated a new state-of-art dispute resolution facility in Sao Paulo, a new milestone for advancing dispute resolution in one of ICC’s key markets.