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Observing international world intellectual property (IP) day yesterday, ICC supported a host of activities to demonstrate how intellectual property protection benefits society as a whole.

As the world seeks to forge a new economic order in a time crisis, ICC is driving home the message to business and governments that harnessed appropriately, IP can be used as a tool to build sustainable economic growth in developing and developed economies alike.

ICC, through its Commission on Intellectual Property and its Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) initiative, is the leading voice of global business on the issue of IP rights and counterfeiting and piracy.

Speaking ahead of a Conference on National IP Policy, which took place in New Delhi yesterday, Chair of the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property David Koris said: “India has a huge amount of talent, and creative and innovative potential. A well-functioning intellectual property system is an essential part of the framework necessary to leverage this for economic development, and wealth and job creation.”

The conference, hosted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), saw discussions on a FICCI proposal for a national IP policy for India. With an on-going commitment to support the efforts of FICCI and the Indian government, to develop India’s IP system so that it underpins economic growth and investment, ICC contributed to the FICCI proposal and was a supporting organization for the conference. Mr Koris and Parminder Singh of HP India and a member of BASCAP, participated as panellists at the event.

“As a global economic powerhouse and given the key role of technology, invention, and innovation in India’s current economic development, the value of ‘Indian made’ intellectual property is increasing,” he said. “Counterfeiting and piracy are an increasing threat to a key element of India’s growth strategy; discouraging foreign direct investment, limiting local job growth, and lowering tax collections for public coffers.”

BASCAP is also lending its support to an awareness campaign undertaken by the Spanish anti-counterfeiting organization ANDEMA, with the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office. The campaign, entitled ‘First Great Eclipse of Web Sites’, aims to raise consumer awareness of the importance, for the economy and for society, of buying branded and trademarked products or services.

ANDEMA is a supporter of BASCAP’s ‘I Buy Real’ campaign, which raises consumer awareness on the harms of counterfeiting and piracy. The campaign helps consumers understand that seemingly harmless purchases of counterfeit products are in fact a real threat not only to jobs and the economy but also to the health and safety of consumers.
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