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ICC welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Chinese Public Security Bureau, working with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and customs offices in more than 27 countries, has raided what appears to be the largest software counterfeiting operation ever uncovered.

“These raids reflect China’s growing recognition that counterfeiting and piracy are a major problem for countries that want to develop technological and economic excellence,” said Guy Sebban, ICC Secretary General.  “Not only in developed economies but also in developing economies, counterfeiting and piracy deter investment in research and development, destroy legitimate jobs, damage legitimate businesses, reduce government revenues, hurt foreign trade and feed a wide variety of criminal activity.”

According to yesterday’s announcement from the FBI, 25 individuals have been arrested in southern China, multiple businesses and residential locations searched, assets worth over $7 million seized, and over 290,000 counterfeit software CDs and COAs (certificates of authenticity) confiscated.  The counterfeit software seized has an estimated retail value of $500 million.  The operation is believed to have manufactured and distributed more than $2 billion worth of counterfeit Microsoft software, Microsoft estimated.

ICC has long advocated effective laws and enforcement against counterfeiting and piracy in all business sectors.  ICC formed Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) in 2004 as a focused initiative of the global business community to fight counterfeiting and piracy in all sectors. More than 150 companies worldwide, including Microsoft, are actively involved in BASCAP activities.

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