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Today is the United Nations’ (UN) World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. To mark the occasion, ICC’s interns shared why they think cultural diversity matters.

Cultural diversity plays a key role in development, as it brings many economic and social benefits to society. As a global organisation, ICC makes an effort to promote practices that benefit our culturally-diverse workforce.

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the array of cultural backgrounds of the global population and to raise awareness of the obstacles that need to be overcome to enhance cultural diversity.

Interns at the world business organisation reflect ICC’s efforts to ensure and benefit from an inclusive environment. To celebrate the day, we asked them to share their fresh perspectives on diversity and why it can be a driving force to achieve the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

ICC Pamela Velazco Herrera Sdg 8

Pamela D. Velazco Herrera (Mexico), Banking Commission Intern

For Pamela, SDG 8 is important because a strong economy is needed to take care of other pressing issues.

“Diversity creates a unique way of thinking and working. Having the opportunity to collaborate with ICC has taught me how important it is to understand different points of view and how critical it is to count opinions from everyone.”

ICC Alexandra Kolev Sdg 10

Alexandra Kolev (United States), Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission Intern

Alexandra supports SDG 10 because an inclusive global economy not only protects the most disenfranchised among us but also establishes a dynamic and healthy economic future that safeguards the UN’s aims for international peace and unity.

“Diversity is a cornerstone to any successful venture— a value strongly ingrained in the culture of ICC. With colleagues from around the world, ICC encapsulates a truly unified global outlook, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and collaboration through its daily operations. Such diverse viewpoints contribute to the spirit of cooperation and innovation both at ICC and among our international partners.”

ICC Lucas Della Chiesa Sdg 9

Lucas Della Chiesa (France), Arbitration and ADR Promotion Intern

For Lucas, SDG 9 matters because it focuses on providing members of society with better living conditions.

“My internship at ICC is a real opportunity because it allows me to be in touch with greater cultural diversity. Though we see it everywhere in our daily lives, we are not always in contact with people from other cultures. At ICC, we are lucky to be able to live with this mix of cultures that allows us to discover things every day and be more open-minded.”

ICC Melina Bellaguarda Kotzias Sdg 4

Melina Bellaguarda Kotzias (Brazil), Court Secretariat Intern

Melina believes that SDG 4 is the answer to the majority of the concerns that our world faces. It is a powerful tool for people to change their societies. Education is the raw material for development.

“The capacity of not only being tolerant, but also being respectful with our peers is essential in the global context that we live in nowadays. From my internship experience here at ICC, I see how enriching a multicultural environment can be. Different cultures mean different perspectives on the same issues, which leads to innovation and responsiveness. This is very interesting for our development—as individuals, as an organisation and for society in general.”

ICC Christelle Primeon Sdg 7

Christelle Primeon (France), Competition Commission and BASCAP Intern

Transitioning from using fossil energy resources to renewable ones is an urgent matter for the environment, according to Christelle. She supports SDG 7 because the global community must work together to make sure that all parts of the globe have access to sustainable sources of electricity.

“ICC is a truly diverse workplace and it is enriching to meet and work with women and men from different cultures. Having a World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is a great way to promote inclusive growth. ”

ICC Tania Vega Montoya Sdg 1

Tania Vega Montoya (El Salvador), Global Communications Intern

SDG 1 is very important to Tania as poverty endangers the lives of millions of people around the globe, denying them access to vital resources and preventing children from going to school. We are obliged to come together and help those in extreme poverty live with dignity and have a better future.

“Being an intern at ICC gives me the chance to gain insight into the many ways business can incorporate the SDGs into their work cultures. Our team comes from different countries across the globe so cultural diversity is part of our everyday lives here at ICC. To me, it plays a crucial role by helping employees share unique perspectives on important issues —from climate change to sustainability.”

ICC Clare Birmingham Sdg 13

Clare Birmingham (United States), Energy and Environment Commission Intern

Clare knows that climate change is a global and urgent threat that no part of the world is immune to.  The climate is changing so Clare believes we should do the same, which is why she supports SDG 13.

“Being a policy intern at ICC has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the importance of collective action from both business and governments for sustainable development. As we continue to grow into a global society, diversity is absolutely vital in order to generate new ideas and perspectives for developing policy recommendations that address the major global issues of today.”

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