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ICC’s Intellectual Property Roadmap now available in Portuguese

ICC in Latin America

The Portuguese edition of ICC’s flagship intellectual property (IP) publication "The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap" will be released during the 32nd International Congress of the Brazilian Association for Intellectual Property (ABPI) taking place on 26-28 August.

Cyberattacks strike international bank

ICC Cybersecurity

Commercial Crime Services (CCS), ICC's crime fighting unit, has learned of a recent spate of cyber attacks aimed at the databases of a major US bank. CCS is warning individuals and bank account holders to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves, as threats of this nature continue to plague financial institutions and their customers.

IMB investigates false bills of lading

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ICC's International Maritime Bureau (IMB) is warning banks and shipping operators of a rash of false bills of lading in the Arabian Gulf area and South East Asia.

Immediate action needed to stop piracy off Somalia

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In a call for immediate action on piracy, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) today urged governments to take action against the increasing number of pirate attacks occurring off the Somali coast. The Call for Action was launched at the annual International Transport Forum taking place in Leipzig, Germany from 25-27 May

ICC air transport chief joins Bush administration

Jeffrey Shane, the Washington lawyer who headed the ICC Commission on Air Transport for seven years, has been sworn in as Associate Deputy Secretary in the United States Department of Transportation.