Global governance

ICC statement laments G20 “baby steps”

ICC has issued the following a statement following the conclusion of today’s Global Health Summit — hosted by the Italian G20 Presidency and the European Commission.

ICC and ICAO joint statement calls for ramped up public/private cooperation on vaccines and air transport  

In a joint statement confirming several key areas of future cooperation on common priorities, ICC and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialised United Nations agency have underscored the need for extensive and global public-private cooperation, to ensure efficient distribution of Covid vaccines and the sustainable recovery of air transport.

Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action Meeting

The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action – established in Washington DC in April 2019 on Finland’s initiative – brings together fiscal and economic policymakers from over 50 countries in leading the global climate response and in securing a just transition towards low-carbon resilient development.