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Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) received the 2012 Highly Commended Award in the Association category at the 14th annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting (GAC) Awards ceremony on today’s World Anti-Counterfeiting Day in Paris.

The awards are presented for outstanding achievement by individuals or organizations involved in combating counterfeiting and piracy, either to protect their own brands or products or in the development of an environment which encourages the combating of counterfeits and pirate products. The awards are given in five categories – individual achievement, national public body, international public body, company and association.

The 2012 GAC Awards were sponsored by Reconnaissance International’s Authentication News and the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network. The winners were announced and awards presented in Paris today during a World Anti-Counterfeiting Day event hosted by the Union des Fabricants. The awards were made as a continuing recognition of special achievements by individuals, companies and organizations.

Tracy Faustin, BASCAP Project Manager, who accepted the award with Lacoste company member Nathalie Moulle-Berteaux, said “On behalf of ICC and BASCAP member companies, we’re honoured to receive this distinctive award. BASCAP brings together companies from multiple sectors and geographies to join forces in fighting the global epidemic of counterfeiting and piracy. We will continue to keep up the good fight – and to work with all of you – to uphold the honour we have received today.”

John Anderson, Chairman of the GACG Network of national and regional anti-counterfeiting organizations said “The awards this year again highlight the wide range of co-operation that is needed – and provided — by different individuals and organizations across the public/private sector divide, in the campaign against the international trade in fakes. I am especially impressed with the emphases on both co-ordination between the public and private sectors and the importance of raising public awareness that was evident in many of the nominations.”

BASCAP, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, unites the global business community to more effectively address intellectual property rights issues and petition for greater commitments by local, national and international officials in the enforcement and protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

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