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Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) will launch its newIntellectual Property Guidelines for Business worldwide on 17 October. A special launch event will be held in Strasbourg at the EU Conference on Industrial Property Rights. A second launch will take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 21 October at the First Arab Consumer and Brand Protection Forum, Arab Protect 2008.

Nearly every enterprise today uses or produces some form of IP in its business – from its own trademarks on products, to copyrighted publications, music, video or software, to branded goods and services of all types. Counterfeiting and piracy of copyright and branded products is a worldwide problem estimated at over $600 billion per year. It affects not only consumers and producers of IP-based products and services, but also businesses whose supply chain or company operations have been compromised by infringing items.

ICC-BASCAP has developed the IP Guidelines to provide information to businesses on practical steps they can take to protect their own creativity and innovation in IP-based products and services, as well as to protect against the risk of using counterfeit materials or infringing other companies’ IP rights.

Both launches will feature a discussion of the IP Guidelines and how they can help companies large and small in virtually every industry to implement good IP management policies and more effectively protect against counterfeiting and piracy. Business representatives will also share information on the nature and scope of piracy problems worldwide.

Speakers in Strasbourg include:

  • Guy Sebban, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce
  • Richard Heath, Vice President Legal – Global Anti-Counterfeiting Counsel, Legal Group, Unilever PLC
  • Marc-Antoine Jamet, Secretary General, LVMH
  • Beate Lalk-Menzel, Se nior Counsel, Daimler
  • Allen Dixon, Managing Director, International Intelle ctual Property and Technology Consulting
  • Margot Fröhlinger, Director, Knowledge-Based Economy, DG Markt, European Commission
  • Benoit Batistelli, Director General, French National Institute for Industrial Property
  • Sharon Bowles, Member of the European Parliament

Speakers in Jeddah include:

  • Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijri, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League for Economic Affairs
  • Duncan Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets, Cisco Systems
  • Isam Badwailan, Brand Protection Manager – North Africa & Middle East, Unilever
  • Allen Dixon, Managing Director, International Intellectual Property and Technology Consulting
  • Abdulaziz A. Bin Othaimeen, Director of the Board, Hemaya Universal
  • Naser Al-Mushaikeh, Executive Director, ICC Saudi Arabia (Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
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