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ICC Events App

Attendee – getting started guide

(Application reserved for registered attendee)

This is the official ICC Events application. You will be able to access all the information on this app before, during and after the event.

This app will (among other things):

  • Provide you with access to agenda and conference documentation
  • Allow you to check the registered participants and speakers and contact them directly (without disclosing personal emails)
  • Give you opportunity to participate in live polling

Step 1

Download app to your devices

Access app from your desktop


Step 2


Enter your e-mail to receive the access code

Don’t forget to check your spam box

Any questions please contact:


Step 3

Enjoy the app

The main menu will give you access to:

  • Programme
  • Participant’s list (attendees and speakers)
  • Interactive maps
  • Sponsors and exhibitors profiles
  • Discussion board
  • Resources and Alerts

MY is your personal menu, from where you can send private messages and save your favourites.

The bell icon stores the push messages from the organisers.


 icc event app menu
icc event app notifications  


Push messages will popup on your screen. Check them to keep up-to-date with alerts from the organisers.


Click on the bell icon to see all the messages.