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ICC Events App

Attendee – getting started guide

(Application reserved for registered attendee)

This is the official ICC Events application. You will be able to access all the information on this app before, during and after the event.

This app will (among other things):

  • Provide you with access to agenda and conference documentation
  • Allow you to check the registered participants and speakers and contact them directly (without disclosing personal emails)
  • Give you opportunity to participate in live polling

Step 1

Download app to your devices

Access app from your desktop

Step 2


Enter your e-mail to receive the access code

Don’t forget to check your spam box

Any questions please contact:

Step 3

Enjoy the app


Your home page will keep you informed of your current and upcoming sessions. You can also access and compose your own notes.


This is the main menu. You can also navigate between event menu and your personal menu.
N.B. You can access the polling questions from “My” menu – bottom right button.


All activity and notifications relevant to you will appear here.
Click to reveal the latest notifications.

Action menu

This plus button will bring up the side menu from which you can quickly:

  • Send private message
  • Tweet
  • Post a discussion
  • Make notes

The menu


The discussion board is the perfect platform to share your ideas, questions and impressions throughout the event with other attendees and Twitter followers.


Here you can find out more on the people and organisations that have helped make this conference possible.


Here you can find the whole list of exhibitors and their profiles.


Here you will find documents, reports, links and useful information in multiple languages.


Here you will be able to view the full conference agenda and add further sessions and events that interest you to your own personal agenda.


This icon will take you to the full profiles of all the speakers and attendees. You can select your favourites and access their contact details.


With our interactive map you will be able to easily navigate between sessions and talks. Selecting individual rooms will reveal what sessions are taking place there throughout the conference.

Q&A Feature

Spark the debate!

Take control of the Q&A encourage attendees to post questions on the session’s discussion board; giving a voice to the shy and helping you guide the debate.

Action menu

Post, comment and share with others


Connect with other attendees and speakers.


Allow other people to gain access to your insights by sharing your posts on Twitter.

Post & Coment

Even if your comment does not relate to a specific sessions, simply share it on the general discussion page.


Don’t miss anything important, make notes and send them to your e-mail after event.