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The Global Trade Certificate (GTC) is a state-of-the-art introductory programme providing a comprehensive overview of trade finance essentials.

Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

The GTC is aimed at transactional and relationship managers—as well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions.

Course structure

Developed by a team of internationally renowned trade finance specialists, the programme consists of six core e-courses and a choice of three electives. Each e-course has been designed to build a solid foundation of key trade finance products and techniques from letters of credit to supply chain.

Core modules

  • Introduction to Collections
  • Introduction to Distributor Finance
  • Introduction to Documentary Credits
  • Introduction to Guarantees
  • Introduction to Receivables Finance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance

Elective options (select three)

  • Introduction to Capital and Pricing
  • Introduction to Compliance
  • Introduction to Cross-Border Trade
  • Introduction to Fraud and Reputational Risk
  • Introduction to Risk Distribution
  • Introduction to Standby Letters of Credit
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Finance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance Sales


After completing all learning modules, candidates take an exam based on the knowledge delivered through the GTC’s six core e-courses. ICC Academy examinations are proctored “live” via the Internet. The passing grade is set at 70%.

Candidates who pass the examination will be issued an accredited certificate for the programme and may use the “GTC” designation—the new global standard for trade professionals.

Key features of the GTC

  • Top-of-the-line trade financing training
  • Dynamic digital learning platform
  • Multi-level modular training
  • Each course is developed by an industry-leading specialist
  • Trackable learning progress at Bank level
  • Study anywhere and anytime
  • Exams: proctored “live” online


The price for the full GTC certification is US$1,499. This includes access to all six core e-courses and eight electives, in addition to a one time attempt at the assessment examination. For individual e-courses, pricing begins at US$150.

To learn more about this programme, please visit: icc.academy.

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