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Research among consumers has shown that most people are unaware of the serious risks and damages that can be caused to themselves and their families from purchasing and using counterfeit and pirated goods.

I Buy Real

FAKES COST MORE, I BUY REAL! provides materials that other organisations can use to communicate clear and consistent messages under a common identity to create a unifying and collective call to action.

The campaign is based on extensive consumer research on what drives consumers to purchase counterfeits and download unauthorised content, and what might convince them to stop these activities.  The research included an analysis of 176 existing consumer perceptions studies and 202 consumer awareness campaigns from some 40 countries. A range of messages, themes and logos were tested with consumers to ensure that the right key messages were delivered.

Campaign materials can be used to communicate messages in several languages. Today, materials are available in the languages of the 27 EU countries, as well as in Albanian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Georgian, Montenegrin, Turkish, Ukrainian and Swahili.


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