IGF workshop (WS37): Tackling gender divides: ICT and women’s economic empowerment

Geneva, Switzerland, • English

This workshop will explore the complex relationship between ICT and women’s economic empowerment and evaluate the contingent probing factors which are posing challenges to women being truly empowered by ICT.


The goal is to illustrate how different stakeholders contribute to supporting women’s economic empowerment through ICT and survey opportunities and address challenges faced in developed and developing countries.

This workshop is co-organised by ICC BASIS, the Self Employed Women’s Association and the African Union, NEPAD

Who should attend?

This workshop is open to all registered IGF 2017 attendees.


Kate DoylePromundo
Asma EnnaferOrange
Raul EcheberriaISOC
Reema NanavatySEWA
Souhila AmazouzAfrican Union
Ji-Hyang Song,Government of the Republic of Korea
Elizabeth Thomas-RaynaudICC BASIS

Logistical notes





Room XXI – E

Palais des Nations

Avenue de la Paix 14

Geneva 1211



This event is open to all registered IGF 2017 participants.

Contact us

  • Sophie Tomlinson
  • +33 1 49 53 29 26
  • Assistant Policy Manager, ICC Digital Economy Commission
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